New York Sketch Book, Winter 2011

This is Gilbert, a friend and coffee-buddy of mine who I met years at the Grey Dog Cafe in the Village. He read a book by Robert Bresson in Cafe Cafe in Soho, as I drew him in about 1/2 hr. I like capturing people in their quiet moments – which can be quite internally active, engaging in ordinary things – views that we take for granted, but that are rich in content.



Filed under art, New York Art, Recent work, Tom Matt

2 responses to “New York Sketch Book, Winter 2011


    Gilbert! It’s so him, and his posture. I love your portraits/people sketches, Tom. You really do capture quiet moments beautifully..

    • Tom Matt

      Thanks… Gilbert indeed, in his cafe reading-mode! Quiet introspective moments – I do like capturing them. I’d like to eventually combine some of these kinds of portraits with interesting background views that set the sitters ‘in the city’…

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