New York Sketch Book, Winter 2011

This is Gilbert, a friend and coffee-buddy of mine who I met years at the Grey Dog Cafe in the Village. He read a book by Robert Bresson in Cafe Cafe in Soho, as I drew him in about 1/2 hr. I like capturing people in their quiet moments Рwhich can be quite internally active, engaging in ordinary things Рviews that we take for granted, but that are rich in content.



Filed under art, New York Art, Recent work, Tom Matt

2 responses to “New York Sketch Book, Winter 2011


    Gilbert! It’s so him, and his posture. I love your portraits/people sketches, Tom. You really do capture quiet moments beautifully..

    • Tom Matt

      Thanks… Gilbert indeed, in his cafe reading-mode! Quiet introspective moments – I do like capturing them. I’d like to eventually combine some of these kinds of portraits with interesting background views that set the sitters ‘in the city’…

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